Universal Waste

Universal Wastes are specifically defined items that contain hazardous materials such as mercury, lead, or PCB’s; that are universally-generated by households, businesses, and industries. Maine State Law prohibits the disposal of these wastes in our landfill, so they must be managed separately at our facility. They include:

  • CRTs – Cathode Ray Tubes (Computer monitors, TVs)
  • Fluorescent light bulbs – (AKA “Lamps”)
  • Mercury Containing Thermostats
  • Non-leaking PCB lighting ballasts
  • Certain batteries
  • Mercury Thermometers

Who Generates Universal Wastes?

Everyone! Businesses, municipalities, schools, and households.

Where can Universal Waste be Delivered?

TCL is a licensed Central Accumulation Facility, which allows us to accept these items from residents and businesses from within TCL’s service area. Subsequently, TCL maintains contracts with licensed transporters, consolidators, and recyclers that manage these wastes.

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