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Spring Cleaning at TCL

May 5, 2011

It’s spring-cleaning time. Many folks will be doing yard work, or cleaning out the basement and garage. A couple of things to remember…

First, Caribou will be holding their annual leaf and yard waste collection during the week of May 9th. The Public Works department will be making just a single pass through each neighborhood, so it is important to have your leaves and brush at the curbside by no later than May 9. Only leaves, brush, and yard debris will be accepted.

Second, leaves and brush are placed in the wood pile here at TCL. Please empty any bags and either re-use them or place them in the residential waste drop-off containers. Only leaves, brush, and unpainted, non-pressure treated wood can be discarded in the wood pile.

Third, it can be muddy in the spring at the landfill. Please plan and dress accordingly.

Spring is also a busy time at the landfill. We have roads and driveways to sweep; landfill cover to haul and spread; leachate to haul; and LITTER to pick up. Every year we offer to non-profit groups, the opportunity to raise funds by helping us with litter collection at our site. We will make a donation equivalent $5/person/hour to groups that can help us. Church organizations, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, FFA Chapters, etc. have all participated in the past. Please call Mark Draper at 473-7840 for more information.

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