What do I do with …?

Disposal Options for Nonstandard Items

Aerosol Cans

Empty aerosol cans are accepted for recycling in TCL's gray recycling igloos with other tin and steel cans. Make sure the can is empty, remove the cap, and place in the igloo.


Ammunition, such as bullets and shotgun shells, is not accepted at TCL's facilities. Unwanted ammunition should be discharged safely, taken to a local gun shop, or contact your local police department for more information.

Animal Carcasses

For individual animals, there are several options for disposal:

  • Bury the animal on your own property
  • Contact a local veterinary office
  • Dispose in TCL’s landfill — small animals should be double-bagged prior to disposal
  • Road-killed large animals (moose, deer, etc.) may be disposed in TCL’s landfill with prior notification

Note: Farmers requiring disposal of large quantities of animal carcasses should contact the Maine Department of Agriculture for more information.


Antifreeze is accepted at annual Aroostook County household hazardous waste collection events at no charge. TCL does not accept antifreeze. You may also try contacting your local garage or mechanic for more information.


Appliances cannot be disposed in TCL’s landfill. They are to be separated and placed in the appropriate location (metal pile or appliance pad). All units must be empty; and refrigerators or freezers with latching doors must have those doors removed. Magnetic doors are ok. A $5.00 fee is charged for the following appliances: air conditioners, clothes dryers, dish washers, freezers, furnaces, cook stoves, refrigerators, washing machines, and water heaters. After the refrigerant and any mercury switches are removed, these items are recycled with the other scrap metal.


Non-friable asbestos is accepted at TCL’s landfill. The material must be double-bagged and wetted prior to delivery. Bags are available at TCL for $1.00 each. Applicable fees may apply, please call TCL for a specific quote.

Friable asbestos is not permitted at TCL. Please contact a licensed asbestos abatement contractor to help you remove and dispose of this material.

For more information regarding the proper removal and disposal of asbestos, please contact the Maine DEP Regional Office in Presque Isle at 764-0477.


Cold wood ashes should be placed adjacent to TCL’s wood pile. Please remember that ashes may retain heat for long periods of time, so please do not place ashes directly on the wood pile, in the landfill, or in the residential roll-off containers.

Disposal of large quantities of ash resulting from a structure fire is permitted for disposal in TCL’s landfill. However, if the structure was used for commercial purposes, then sampling and analysis of the ash may be required prior to disposal. Special waste fees may apply, so please call TCL for a specific quote.


Lane Construction Corp. in Presque Isle and Trombley Industries in Limestone will accept old asphalt for processing into new asphalt. Normally this material will be accepted at no charge. Considering these alternatives, TCL prefers not to accept this material, but may do so on a case-by-case basis.


TCL does not accept automobiles in the scrap metal pile. There are several salvage yards in the area that will accept automobiles for recycling. Also, the auto repair technical schools may also accept donated automobiles for use in their educational programs.


Intact, non-leaking, lead acid car batteries are accepted at TCL at no charge. Damaged or leaking batteries cannot be accepted.

Regular alkaline batteries such as “C” cells, 9-volt, “AA”, etc. are non-hazardous and may be disposed with household trash.

Rechargeable batteries, such at lithium, and NiCd batteries are accepted at TCL at no charge. These batteries are recycled through the Recyclable Battery Return Corporation.


Bikes that are no longer in working order may be placed on TCL’s metal pile at no charge. As an alternative, Catholic Charities of Maine in Caribou may accept donations of bikes in working order that they can then sell to support their charitable operations.


The paper from both paperback and hardcover books is recyclable.

Building Materials

Clean wood (unpainted, not pressure-treated) is disposed in TCL’s wood pile at no charge. This includes brush, branches, lumber, pallets, etc. The pile is burned periodically; and the resultant ash is tested prior to being disposed in the landfill.

Metal-framed doors and windows should be placed on TCL ’s metal pile. The glass does not need to be removed. Vinyl clad windows should be placed in the landfill.

Carpets and Rugs

Carpets and rugs are disposed of in the landfill. Due to the bulky nature of these items, it is likely that the scale attendant will direct you to the landfill for disposal, rather than to the residential drop-off facility, so please plan accordingly.

Cell Phones

Cell phones can be dropped-off at TCL for recycling at no charge.

Christmas Trees

Each year, TCL partners with local youth groups to collect discarded Christmas trees in the owner communities of Caribou, Fort Fairfield, and Limestone. The youth groups collect trees discarded curbside, as well as at designated drop-off locations. The trees are then delivered to TCL, and the youth group receives payment of $2 per tree. The program provides a great service to TCL, local garbage haulers, and residents; and provides a good fundraising opportunity for the youth groups.


Computers fall under the category of electronic waste or e-waste. TCL does have a recycling program for these items. For more detail, please refer to the Universal Waste page.

Confidential Records

Residents and businesses who would like to have confidential records shredded may contact Aroostook Shredding in Presque Isle at 764-8521. The paper from this operation is recycled at the City of Presque Isle Recycling Center. Alternatively, confidential records may be disposed in TCL’s landfill under the direction of the resident or a representative of the business.

Cooking Oil

There are several local options for used cooking oil. Many larger generators, such as restaurants, have agreements with businesses and individuals who use the oil for the production of bio-diesel; or for bear hunting bait. TCL will also accept used cooking oil, which can be blended and burned in a waste oil furnace that heats one of our equipment storage buildings.

Explosives, Fireworks, or Unused Ammunition

These items are not acceptable for disposal at TCL. If you have such items that require disposal, please contact your local police department for more information.

Fluorescent Lamps

Fluorescent lamps fall under the category of Universal Waste, which are hazardous wastes that are universally-generated. Due to the mercury content in these lamps, State law bans the disposal of these items in a landfill. TCL is a DEP-licensed Central Accumulation Facility that accepts fluorescent lamps for a fee from individuals and businesses. The lamps are then packaged and shipped to a licensed recycler. For more information, please refer to the Universal Waste page.

Furniture, Mattresses, and Household Goods (“Bulky Waste”)

If these items are in decent condition, they may be donated to Catholic Charities of Maine in Caribou, where they are sold at discounted prices to raise money for their food bank. Alternatively, these items may be disposed at TCL’s landfill.


Expired or unwanted medications should not be flushed down the drain. Medications can pass through wastewater treatment plants and cause harmful effects in the environment. They may also disrupt the operation of your private septic system. Placing these materials in your trash is also not desired due to potential criminal and environmental concerns. Currently, many local police departments will accept these materials at no cost and without question. The medications are then disposed through a licensed hazardous waste management company.

Medical/Biohazardous Waste

Syringes and other medical sharps generated through personal, residential use may be disposed using the following procedure:

Place the sharps in a rigid, plastic container with a cover. This may be specially-designed sharps container, or a 1-gallon size (or less) detergent or bleach container. When the container becomes full, tape it shut and mark “Sharps” on the outside. For residents in the Caribou area, it is recommended that the full container by placed in the disposal kiosk located in the lobby of the Caribou Police Station. This FREE option is available to the public 24-hrs. a day, every day. If this option is not available to you, then the full, sealed container may be placed in the regular trash.

Please remember that used sharps are hazardous, and unintended needle sticks can transmit dangerous diseases such as Hepatitis, HIV, and tetanus. Please dispose of used sharps in the safest manner possible.

Mercury-Containing Devoces (Thermostats, Thermometers, Switches)

These common household items that contain mercury fall under the definition of Universal Waste. State law bans the disposal of these items in any landfill. TCL is a DEP-licensed Central Accumulation Facility that accepts these items for a fee from residents and businesses. The devices are then packaged and shipped to a licensed recycler. For more information, please refer to the Universal Waste page.

Motor Oil & Filters

Used motor oil is accepted at TCL, where it is burned in a waste oil furnace for building heat. To protect against damage to the furnace, please include only waste motor oil, #2 heating oil, kerosene, diesel fuel, hydraulic oil, and cooking oil. Gasoline, water, anti-freeze and other contaminants cause operational difficulties and can damage the furnace. If you have greater than 15 gallons of waste oil; please call in advance to make arrangements for disposal. For less than 15 gallons, you will generally be asked to pour the waste oil into a storage drum under the supervision of an employee in our recycling center. The scale house attendant can provide the necessary direction.

Oil filters generally still contain small amounts of oil, so we ask that you drain them to the extent possible and then dispose of them with your regular trash.

Oil Tanks

Oil tanks may be placed with TCL’s scrap metal as long as the following conditions are met:

  • The tank must be empty; containing no liquid oil or sludge
  • A hole of at least 24 inches in diameter must be cut in the tank to enable TCL employees to inspect the inside of the tank and to render it unfit for re-use.


The best option for paint is to use it. Perhaps one more coat would use it up? If that is not an option, then paint may be disposed as trash at TCL only if it is solidified. This can be accomplished by leaving the cover off of the can until the paint dries, or you can simply add kitty litter to speed the process. Paint in liquid form cannot be disposed at TCL.

Pizza, shoe, and cereal boxes

These boxes are made from boxboard, which is commonly called cardboard, but is different from the recyclable corrugated cardboard. Boxboard is not recyclable in TCL’s program. To distinguish between the two types of cardboard, tear a sheet and look at the edge. Boxboard is a single layer, while corrugated cardboard will have two outer layers with filler in between. The reason the boxboard cannot be recycled is that it contains fibers that have already likely been recycled; and are too short or weak to be recycled again. Please refer to our Recycling page for more information on corrugated cardboard recycling.


Please refer to our Recycling page for more information on plastic recycling.

Propane tanks

Empty propane tanks are accepted at TCL for a fee of $1.00 each.

Scrap metal

Scrap metal is accepted for recycling at TCL. Each year, TCL requests bids from scrap metal processors and dealers; and then contracts with the high bidder for the remainder of the calendar year. Scrap metal includes (but is not limited to) such items as: bicycles, desks, book shelves and cabinets, barbeque grills (propane tanks are handles separately), lawn furniture, lawn mowers and snow blowers (all fluids must be drained from engines), metal doors and window frames, and wire. To cover the cost of freon and mercury switch removal, there is a $5.00 fee for most appliances; and these items may be deposited separately from other scrap metal. The scale attendant can direct you further.

It should be noted that removal from TCL’s scrap metal pile is prohibited; and that such removal may be considered theft.

Televisions and computer monitors

These items are regulated under the Maine Universal Waste regulations and cannot be disposed in the landfill. Please refer to the Universal Waste page for more information on recycling and fees.


Tires are accepted at TCL. Please refer to the Fees listing for more information on disposal fees. Generally, TCL charges the “each” price if less than 20 tires are being delivered. If greater than 20 tires, then the “per ton” price will be charged. Individual oversized tires, such as tractor and skidder tires, may be charged the “per ton” price.

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