Composting is a natural process of decomposition and recycling of kitchen and yard wastes into a humus-rich soil amendment known as compost. Compostable material comprises nearly 30% of the municipal solid waste stream. Remember, more materials saved for recycling or composting means less material taken to the landfill.

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  • Is a natural process that will return valuable organic materials back to the earth
  • Is very inexpensive to do and does not require a tremendous amount of time or physical space
  • Is an environmentally safe approach to taking care of a majority of your household solid waste stream
  • Provide long-term financial benefits to you as a taxpayer by reducing the amount of waste entering the landfill-no overhead/operational costs and adding to the longevity of the landfill itself.
  • You can divert as much as 30% of your household trash from the landfill and transform this material into something that is usable and is environmentally friendly.
  • Organic matter in the soil improves plant growth by breaking up heavy clay soils, adding water and nutrient holding capacity to sandy soils, and by adding essential nutrients to any soil.
  • Use compost to enrich the flower or vegetable garden, to improve the soil around trees and shrubs, as a soil amendment for houseplants and planter boxes.
  • Screened compost can be used for seed starting mix or lawn top dressing.

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