Residential Information

For more information on local haulers, please call TCL at (207) 473-7840, or view our Who Will Haul My Trash page. We highly encourage that you use a commercial waste hauler if possible. They are well-equipped to transport and dispose of your waste at the landfill.

All residential users of the facility must obtain an annual permit which must be affixed to their vehicle. Specific waste disposal fees may still apply.

To the extent practicable, we allow residential users to deposit their waste at the residential drop-off building. However, depending on the circumstances and the waste materials you are delivering, you may be asked to place the waste directly at the working face of the landfill. You should plan accordingly, considering the following:

  • The landfill may be muddy, please use an adequate vehicle
  • If using a trailer, you may be asked to back it up to the working face
  • Wear appropriate footwear and clothing
  • The working face changes almost daily, please deposit your waste as directed by the Operator
  • Due to traffic flow or other conditions, you may be asked to wait before unloading. Please be patient. If possible, please remove tarps or straps before entering the working landfill area. This will help with the flow of traffic.
  • Keep safe. Remain visible. Stay close to your vehicle. Leave enough space to accommodate other vehicles at the site.
  • No scavenging of the landfill is permitted.

All TCL fees are available on our Fee Schedule page