Fee Schedule

List & Prices are Subject to Change
All fees are current as of June 1, 2016.

TCL does not accept credit/debit cards. Unless approved for credit, cash or check only please.


Residents of Caribou, Limestone and Fort Fairfield$20.00 each permit
Residents of all other towns$25.00 each permit
Business of any town$50.00 each permit
Commercial garbage hauler$200.00 initial permit; $100.00 for each additional permit

Universal Waste (Mandatory Recycling)

TVs and Monitors$5.00 each
Laptop Computer$6.00 each
Mercury Containing Thermostat $0.25 each
Mercury Containing Thermometer $0.25 each
Ballasts$3.00 each
Central Processing Unitno charge

Fluorescent Lamps

1′ tube $0.10
2′ tube $0.25
3′ tube $0.35
4′ tube $0.50
5′ tube $0.60
6′ tube $0.75
8′ tube $1.00
U-lamp $0.50
Round $0.25
CFL $2.00
HID $2.00


Propane Tank (any size)$1.00 each

Appliances (including: air conditioners, clothes dryers, de-humidifiers, freezers, furnaces, kitchen stoves, refrigerators, washing machines, and water heaters)

Appliance$5.00 each


SizePer EachPer Ton
Passenger Vehicle$2.50$115.00
Commercial Truck Tire$6.00$115.00
Tractor (25" and up rim)$50.00$205.00